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30 Minute Wellbeing Session $35
60 Minutes $70
90 Minutes $100
120 Minutes $130

60 Minute Prenatal Massage $85

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$58 (60 Minute) $88 (90 Minute)

AromaTherapy: $5 per session
Reiki: 30 Minute session with your massage $25
Time: 30 additional minutes $30



The lymphatic system plays a vital role in your body’s ability to fight off infections. The spleen, thymus, lymph nodes and glands function as filters. They trap viruses, toxins and other unwanted materials before they can infect the rest of the body. MLD is a light hands on touch stimulating lymph flow, at the same time engaging the immune and parasympathetic nervous system creating a deep relaxing experience. The body is like a river, receiving manual lymphatic drainage helps keep the channels open and the flow going. Some common signs that your lymphatic system could use a boost: Arthritis, Skin conditions, Digestive disorders, Frequent headaches, Sinus infections, Excess weight, Chronic fatigue, lymphedema. Our body has 3xs more lymph than blood but has no organ to cause circulation. Manual Lymphatic Drainage by a trained therapist is one of the many ways to boost the lymphatic system to help your body do what it’s already capable of.

30 minutes: $40
60 minutes: $75


Myofascial release is a manipulative treatment that attempts to release tension in the fascia due to trauma, posture, or inflammation. Connective tissues called fascia, surround the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs of the body. Points of restriction in the fascia can place a great deal of pressure on nerves and muscles causing chronic pain. There are several techniques that may be applied for myofascial release including long stretching strokes meant to balance tissue and muscle mechanics and improve joint range of motion, skin/tissue “rolling”, or other means that include certain tools to be utilized during the session, all in order to relieve pain. This modality is often integrated in to a typical massage therapy session as needed. Ask your therapist if it’s right for you.





swedish massageThe most common, well known type of massage. Long, slow massage strokes releases tension and promotes relaxation by calming the nervous system.




deep tissue massageA deeper massage where the therapist applies more pressure. Working deeper into the muscle tissue to relieve chronic muscle tension and pain, this method is effective in loosening areas of tightness and “knots” in the tissues.




neuromuscular massageOften called NMT, this is a specialized form of deep tissue, releasing areas of strain or restriction and is often “area specific”. NMT addresses trigger points and referral pain, postural distortions, nerve compression, often injury specific.




Sports massageThis type of massage encourages muscle repair and releases built is tension and lactic acid in overworked muscles due to training. Alleviates muscle tension and inflammation post-event and provides warm up to loosen muscles for pre-event.




kinesio tapingKinesio Taping is designed to facilitate the body’s healing process while supporting and stabilizing muscles and joints. It does not restrict muscular range of motion, but rather optimizes performance, while reducing pain.

Kinesio Taping $10/each area



A deeply relaxing experience, where the energy in the body (also called “chi”) is balanced through a very light-touch method, “laying on hands”, by a trained Reiki Practitioner, addressing the chakras and the life force energy flow.





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